2020 6th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2020)
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Conference Venue EEMS 2020 will take place at the Hulun Buir August  28 -30, 2020

Holiday Inn Suites Hulunbuir       Group.png


Group 3.png   1.Hotel Address: Hulun Buir Hailar Railway Station Front Square Tianshun New City Phase I Building 1, China (呼伦贝尔 海拉尔 火车站前广场天顺新城一期1号楼)

Hotel Tel | 0470-3998888

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jiache.png  Direction

Airport,About 21min drive,8.8 km

Hailar Railways Station,About 14min Walking, 960 meters

Daliang station Station,About 51min drive, 26.8km

City Center,About 9min drive,2.3km


chuang1.png  Please find below hotel with special rate for the conference: 

     Holiday Inn Suites Hulunbuir

Superior Queen Room, 320 RMB,(One beds, Internet and one breakfast included)

Superior Twin Room, 320 RMB,(Two beds, Internet and two breakfast included)

If you need to book a hotel room, please contact Conference Secretary: Miss. Lin(18102545612) or Miss. Liao(13902493114) 

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Hulun Buir is a prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is named after Hulun Lake and Bair Lake. 

It covers a total area of 227,770 square kilometers and has 14 county-level administrative regions. Its topography is generally characterized by high in the west and low in the east, belonging to temperate monsoon climate and temperate continental climate. It has tourist attractions such as hulun buir grassland and Xishan National Forest Park.